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Specialists in corrosion resistant coatings and anti corrosion coatings

Wraparound corrosion protection and anti-foulant systems providing easily installed cold-work retrofit encapsulation systems for cladding subsea pipelines, vertical risers and piles in splash-zone, suitable for long-term protection in hostile offshore environments.

Ever since steel and concrete structures were first installed in the oceans of the world, two major problems have been encountered: corrosion and material fatigue.

NICC have been successful in finding solutions to the most dramatic aspects of these problems: the elimination of splash-zone corrosion and the reduction of fatigue through the dampening of vortex induced vibration. We are one of the leading suppliers of corrosion resistant coatings and anti corrosion coatings.

NICC provide a fully patented range of corrosion resistant coatings and products, manufactured to the highest international standards which fulfil the rigorous criteria demanded by both the international offshore oil and gas industry and the marine industry.

For splash-zone corrosion on tubulars, NICC has developed a neoprene wraparound corrosion active protection system which can be removed and replaced for inspection. This is impossible with any other system on the market.

NICC are pleased to enter into technical discussions, for all of their products, with prospective clients during the project design stage. All NICC products are custom built to client specifications.

NICC was formed in 1981 to provide a design and supply service for anti-corrosion systems for the international oil and gas industry. The company has achieved international recognition for its products and its client list includes multinational oil companies, service companies and government oil companies.

The philosophy of the company is to provide simple and effective anti-corrosion solutions which are easy to install, require minimum preparation without the requirement for specialised capital equipment.

NICC has its base in Scotland, situated between the international oilfield centres of Aberdeen and Dundee. The company is represented internationally in most of the world’s oil capitals. This has helped to make us the number one choice for many of those looking for specialists in corrosion resistant coatings and anti corrosion coatings.